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ISSN : 1225-7672(Print)
ISSN : 2287-822X(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Water and Wastewater Vol.29 No.3 pp.396-406

A Study on Cost Benefit Analysis Optimization Model for Water Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project of Taebaek Region

Taegon Kim1,Taeho Choi2,Kyoungpil Kim3,Jayong Koo4*
1Drinking Water Policy Division, Ministry of Environment
2K-water Research Institute, Korea Water Resources Corporation
3Global Engineering Center, GS E&C
4Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Seoul
*Corresponding author: Koo, Ja-Yong (E-mail:
12 January 2015 15 June 2015 17 June 2015.


This research carried out an analysis on input cost and leakage reduction effect by leakage reduction method, focusing on the project for establishing an optimal water pipe network management system in the Taebaek region, which has been executed annually since 2009. Based on the result, optimal cost-benefit analysis models for water distribution network rehabilitation project were developed using DEA(data envelopment analysis) and multiple regression analysis, which have been widely utilized for efficiency analysis in public and other projects. DEA and multiple regression analysis were carried out by applying 4 analytical methods involving different ratios and costs. The result showed that the models involving the analytical methods 2 and 4 were of low significance (which therefore were excluded), and only the models involving the analytical methods 1 and 3 were suitable. From the result it was judged that the leakage management method to be executed with the highest priority for the improvement of revenue water ratio was installation of pressure reduction valve, followed by replacement of water distribution pipe, replacement of water supply pipe, and then leakage detection and repair; and that the execution of leakage management methods in this order would be most economical. In addition, replacement of water meter was also shown to be necessary in case there were a large number of defective water meters.

태백권 배수관망 개량사업의 비용효과분석 최적화 모델연구

1환경부 수도정책과
2한국수자원공사 K-water연구원
3GS건설 글로벌엔지니어링 본부
4서울시립대학교 환경공학과